Neglected Surgical Diseases™

Neglected surgical diseases (NSDs) are prevalent, disabling and cause isolation, social stigma and suffering. These include children born with congenital deformities such as cleft lip and palate and clubfoot, and adult with cataract, hernia and unrepaired fractures.

These are women who have been disabled with a fistula in giving birth, but cannot access obstetric care, and these are the men, women, and children who suffer from untreated injuries because of violence, injury, and road traffic accidents. They exist because of a lack of awareness, stigma and inadequate funding. However, these conditions are completely treatable with cost-effective solutions.

Addressing Neglected Surgical Diseases

Our program has demonstrated remarkable cost-effectiveness as a public health intervention.  Eradication of targeted conditions is within our reach considering we utilize primary care channels and mobilize existing resources. NSDs address six other Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aside from health, a powerful leverage for change.

The UN in 2013 held that integrating surgical care into existing health systems can save 17 million lives annually while yielding a substantial economic investment: each dollar spent in surgical capacity building generates $10 in increased health and productivity.  Contributions are manifold in economic growth, gender equality and poverty alleviation.